The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack




From the Mendel himself:

“Man, putting my heart and soul into these tones would be an understatement. What’s in this pack is what I see as the most well balanced tones I’m capable of creating. I’ll be honest: Saying going down the rabbit hole wouldn’t even do it justice. I’ve spent months trying to get the feel right, the depth and the overall balance of these tones.

These tones have been mixed by me, cleaned up so they are balanced and have a punch and clarity that I always strive for from a guitarist point of view but especially from a mixing engineer point of view.

The beauty of these ToneX captures (talking about the non-DI captures here) is that they’re not just raw tones. These tones include the polishing up stage, adding depth when needed, cleaning up cab resonances so it’s more soothing to the ears and might fit your mix better as well.

I hope you enjoy these tones as much as I do and hopefully inspires you to be creative which is the most important thing to begin with.


– M”

The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack contains 21 direct amp captures ready to use with any Ir or cab sim of your choice. The pack also comes with 25 perfectly crafted mix-ready captures you can just drop in any heavy mix.

All captures were created with high-end studio gear and a professional audio production ear.
Giving you instant access to some of the best crunch and high gain guitar tones out there.

Amps Used:

– EVH 5150 III Stealth
– EVH 5150 III Ivory
– EVH 5150III EL34
– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
– Mesa Boogie Roadking II
– Engl Ritchie Blackmore
– Bogner Uberschall
– Peavey XXX
– Peavey 5150 Blockletter

Cabinets and Speakers Used:

– Mesa Boogie Oversize
– Mesa Boogie Roadking
– Mesa Boogie Traditional
– Marshall 1960a V30
– Bogner V30
– RedSeven

Pedals Used:

– Maxon OD808
– Horizon Precision Drive

Want even more tonal options!?
Check ‘The Free Ir Pack ’. This free pack has an additional 20 Cab Ir’s!

System Requirements:

Requires 25 MB free hard disc space.

Please note: Amplitube Tonex is required for operation!
Only available as download.

This pack is also available on the tonenet/tonex marketplace.

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