Drums & Tones is a collaboration between producers WD and Mendel. They develop the tools you need to create the best music and audio productions possible. Whether it’s getting an epic drum sound, a crushing bass tone or killer guitar tones, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Engineered with passion, created with quality in mind.

WD Glashouwer

WD Glashouwer is a music producer and mixing/mastering engineer hailing from the Netherlands.
He has been playing and touring with bands for 25 years and is best known from the band Manu Armata. WD has over 15 years of experience recording, mixing and mastering bands and making records.
After earning 2 degrees in audio engineering he ran Double Impact Productions for 10 years where he did countless productions. Now he runs his own studio. The perfect place for making killer records and developing awesome audio products.

Want to know more about WD check www.doubleyoud.com

Mendel bij de Leij

Mendel bij de Leij is a mixing/mastering engineer and composer from The Netherlands with a composition bachelor’s degree.
After playing guitar in the band Aborted for 7 years he pursued his career in composition and audio production and established MbdL Productions. With over 15 years of experience under his belt he delivers productions with the highest standards for metal, rock and film score/trailers.
For him the quest for the holy grail guitar tone is an endeavor that’ll never end, but needs to be achieved (a vicious circle).

Want to know more about Mendel check www.mendel1.com