Modern Metal Madness Vol.1




Join the world of Modern Metal Madness!

We’ve spent months producing the best high gain tones we are capable of making. Diving deep down the rabbit hole creating the most brutal tones we could with maximum punch, depth and clarity. We are more than proud of how Modern Metal Madness Vol.1 turned out.

Modern Metal Madness Vol.1 features high quality captures from amps such as the 5150IIIS EL34, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Friedman DLX, 5150 Blockletter, PRS MT 15, Engl Fireball and a ‘Mystery Amp’ which contains the heaviness from the depths of madness.

The pack comes with 24 perfectly crafted mix-ready captures you can just drop in any heavy mix or use live on stage.

Besides mixed tones this pack also includes 18 direct captures, ready to be used with your own cab, cab IR or cab sim of your choice.

All tones were created with high-end studio gear and a professional audio production ear. Giving you instant access to some of the sickest high gain tones out there.

We hope you enjoy these tones as much as we do. May ‘Modern Metal Madness Vol.1’ inspire you to create heavy maddening (modern) metal!


Because we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to use the awesome tones from ‘Modern Metal Madness Vol.1’ we’ve decided to create this pack for multiple digital platforms and devices.

Make sure you choose the right one!

Available for:

– NAM (Neural Amp Modeler)
– Kemper
– ToneHub

Amps Used:

— EVH 5150III EL34
– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
– Engl Fireball
– PRS MT 15
– Friedman DLX
– Peavey 5150 Blockletter
– Mystery Amp

Cabinets and Speakers Used:

– Mesa Boogie Oversize
– Mesa Boogie Roadking
– Mesa Boogie Traditional
– Marshall 1960a V30
– Bogner V30
– RedSeven

Pedals Used:

– Maxon OD808
– Horizon Precision Drive

Want even more tonal options!?
Check ‘The Free Ir Pack ’. This free pack has an additional 20 Cab Ir’s!

System Requirements:
Requires 25 MB free hard disc space.

Modern Metal Madness is available in four different formats, Tonex, Neural Amp Modeler, ToneHub and Kemper. Be aware you need one of these programs or devices to run Modern Metal Madness Vol.1

Only available as download.

This pack is also available on the Tonenet/Tonex marketplace.

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Kemper, NAM, Tonehub, Tonex

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