The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II


15 Snares
10 Toms
15 Kicks
2 Sub Kicks

The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II is a high quality sample bundle, specially developed for drum replacement in modern music genres.

These aggressive one shots will give your drums the perfect punch and maximum impact.

The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II contains:

– 15 Kick Samples
– 2 Sub kick samples
– 15 Snare samples
– 10 Tom samples divided in 3 tom sets
– TCI & WAV files
– DRY, ROOM and WET samples

Both snare and tom samples come with direct (a DRY folder) and room (a ROOM folder) samples you can blend to taste as well as pre blend, mix ready oneshots (a WET folder).

Try ‘The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II’ yourself.
We’ve added a few samples from the bundle to our Ultimate Free Bundle!

The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II comes in Slate Digital Trigger (.TCI) format and standard wave (.WAV) format.
These samples are easy to use in all the industry standard drum replacement plugins who support WAV files.

The Ultimate One Shot Bundle II is specifically developed for drum replacement, so the bundle does NOT contain Nki’s for Kontakt.
All audio examples are unprocessed. Everything you hear is done with a drum replacing plugin without any post processing. Just a master limiter to boost up the overall volume.

System Requirements:

Requires 100 MB free hard disc space.
Please note: A drum replacement or sample playback plugin required for operation!
Only available as download.

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