The Eminent IR Pack Vol. 2


25 Killer IR’s
WAV & Kemper formats
Single & Combined mics
Mix & Play ready
Mean & Nasty


All the IR’s in this pack were carefully crafted with the best high gain Eminence tones in mind.

Whether you are just jamming out or need mix ready Eminence tones, this pack covers it all!

The Eminence Ir Pack Vol.2 is based on some of the most iconic and most used Eminence speakers.

– Cannabis Rex
– Texas Heat
– Private Jack
– Man-O-War
– The Wizard
– The Governor
– Legend GB128

Combining these classic speakers with a collection of 18 different microphones resulted in some unique blends and the best high gain guitar tones you could possibly wish for, giving you instant access to the classic Eminence tone.

The goal of this IR pack was not to give you endless microphone and speaker options. In our experience you can get lost in all the different options pretty fast and before you know it you get sucked down the rabbit hole of mic skipping and tone searching. Instead we’ve created the best Eminence IR’s we could with enough options to find you a classic Eminence tone instantly.

– 25 Killer Eminence IR’s, all killer no filler!
– All IR’s were created using high-end, professional studio equipment and microphones
– Engineered specifically for high gain sounds, giving you instant great tone
– The bundle comes with multiple .wav file formats 24bit 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates
– Compatible with software and hardware IR loaders that support .wav format IR’s

We believe cab names and microphones can distract you from finding the right sound. You would be picking mics with your eyes instead of your ears. That’s why we decided to just name our cabs 1 to 25 so you can pick your favorite cab by ear and not by microphone or blend. In the end it doesn’t matter what mic you use as long as the tones are killer.

Drums & Tones is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.