Bert Meulendijk IR Pack Gain


25 professional IR’s
WAV & Kemper formats
Single & Combined cabs
Single & Multi miced
Mix & Play ready


The Bert Meulendijk Ir Pack Gain is the result of a collaboration between Bert Meulendijk and Drums & Tones. Together they embarked upon a search to the best Guitar Cab Ir’s to represent Bert Meulendijk’s signature guitar sound. Diving deep into the Drums & Tones Ir vault they experimented with all kinds of guitar cabs, different speakers and a lot of microphones. The result is 25 of the best Ir’s especially developed for High Gain guitar tones.

The goal of this IR pack was not to give you endless microphone and cab options. In our experience you can get lost in all the different options pretty fast and before you know it you get sucked down the rabbit hole of mic skipping and tone searching. Instead we’ve created the best High Gain Ir’s we could with enough options to find you a killer tone instantly.

Having said that here is a little overview of the cabs, speakers and microphones used in this pack.

Guitar Cabs Used:

– Bogner V30

– Marshall 1960A V30

– Orange V30

– Mesa Boogie Oversize V30

– Mesa Boogie Road King V30/C90

– Mesa Boogie Traditional V30

Speakers Used:

– Celestion Greenback
– Celestion Creamback
– Celestion G12T
– Eminence Wizard
– Eminence GB128
– Eminence Captain Jack

(All these speakers where loaded in a 4×12 cab in order to create IR’s)

Microphones Used:

– SM57, several different vintage and modern microphones
– SM7B, several different microphones
– 421, several different vintage and modern microphones
– 47 Tube microphone
– 67 Tube microphone
– Oktava 012 small diaphragm condenser microphone
– Lewitt large diaphragm condenser microphone
– Golden Age Projects R1 Active Ribbon microphone
– 121 Ribbon microphone

The cab titles in the pack itself give a basic idea of what cab/speaker combination was used for the particular cab IR.

Like we said, we believe cab names and microphones can distract you from finding the right sound. You would be picking mics and cabs with your eyes instead of your ears. In the end it doesn’t matter what mic or cab you use as long as the tones are killer.

Bert Meulendijk, Drums & Tones

Drums & Tones is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.