The Ultimate Profile Bundle


13 Amps
3 Cabs
132 Profiles

The Ultimate Profile Bundle was created by Drums & Tones. The aim was to make the best Rock/Metal profiles possible, so we did not focus on tons of parameters per amp. We just wanted to create great tones! All the profiles were created using high-end equipment like Shure microphones, API pre-amps and SSL conversion.

The Ultimate Profile Bundle contains the following:

– 13 High Gain amps.
– 3 different cabs loaded with Celestion V30’s.
– High-Gain, Crunch, Clean and Lead tones.
– 6 Hybrid profiles of 2 amps through 2 cabs.
– 132 Professional quality profiles in total.

All amps we’re profiled using 7 different mic/cab options. The high-gain profiles are numbered indicating the following cabinet and microphone positions:

1: Mesa cab with 1x sm57
2: Mesa cab with 2x sm57
3: Mesa cab with ‘Fredman’ micing technique
4: Bogner cab with 1x sm57
5: Bogner cab with 2x sm57
6: Engl cab with ‘Fredman’ micing technique
7: Mix off a Mesa/Bogner cab both miced with sm57’s

So if you select a profile ending on number 4, you’re loading a profile of a Bogner cab miced with 1x sm57 and so on.

Because we only searched for the best tones, not every amp has clean or crunch tones. For the specifics please check the descriptions of the individual amps.

We tried to re-create the sound of: Peavey 6505, Peavey 5150EVH, Peavey 5150 Signature, Engl Fireball, Engl Invader, Engl Ritchie Blackmore, Marshall JCM900, Marshall JCM800, Sovtek Mig100H, Krankenstein, Soldano Hotrod+, Orange Tiny Terror, Hughs & Kettner Triamp

Mesa Boogie cab (4×12), Bogner cab (4×12), Engl cab (4×12)

Drums & Tones is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.