The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2


24 Amps
8 Cabs


The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2 was created by Drums & Tones. Our goal as always is to make the best profiles possible. To give guitar players and producers all the sounds and options they need, all amps and cabs are profiled using the 3.0/Merged technique. This means you can combine any amp with any cab! The variety of tonal choices gives every guitar player the ability to craft their own unique sound and tone. This is what sets “The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2” apart from all the other profile bundles out there.

To give this bundle all the tonal diversity you will ever need we profiled the clean, crunch and hi gain channel. With over 200 direct profiles and 64 cab options the possibilities can be overwhelming (up to 13.000 amp/cab combinations possible).

To get you started “The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2” comes with 470 ready to use rig presets and artist presets made by some of your favourite guitar players such as:

Neal Fing Tiemann [DevilDriver], Cory Arford [Carnifex], Chris Donaldson [Cryptopsy], Mendel bij de Leij [Aborted], Ian Jekelis [Aborted], Timo Somers [Delain], Rob Maramonte [The Zenith Passage], Sylvain Coudret [Soilwork]

“The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2” contains the following:

– 24 Amps, 221 direct profiles.
– 8 Cabs with 64 cab/mic options (Merged/3.0).
– Clean, crunch, high-gain and lead profiles.
– High-gain tones, with and without boost pedals.
– High-end mics and API preamps (57,421,i5,414,201,906,Ribbon)
– Multi miced cabs (421+57, 906+414, 57+201, R1+57, Fredman)
– 491 ready to go Rig-presets
– Artist presets
– Up to 13.000+ possible amp/cab combinations!

For more info please download the manual here

We tried to recreate the sound of: Mesa Mark V, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Mesa Trem-O-Verb, Mesa Mark Five:25, Mesa Mark III Blue Stripe, Soldano Hotrod+, Rivera KR7, Rivera Knucklehead Tré, Framus Dragon, EVH 5150 III, Krank Krankenstein, Koch Powertone II, Marshall JCM2000, Marshall JCM900, Marshall JMP Super Lead, Peavey 5150 Blockletter, Sunn Beta Lead, Sunn Bass Lead, Blackstar HT-Stage 100, Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII, Engl Ritchie Blackmore, Engl Powerball II, Sovtek Mig100H, Bogner Uberschall

Drums & Tones is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.

“Holy crap these tones are sick!”
Ian Jekelis – Aborted
“It’s very detailed and comprehensive. A big bang for your buck. People who want a lot will be content. The profiles sound sick and they’re set up well.”
Cory Arford – Carnifex
“Making these profiles was super fun! I hope you enjoy playing them. I plan on implementing them into the DevilDriver live show. Being able to easily choose from a multitude of cabs is truly next level. The profiles in this bundle are some of the sickest tones out there.”
Neal Fing Tiemann – DevilDriver
“The possibilities with the Ultimate Bundle Pack are endless. This is something every Kemper owner needs to check out!!”
Rob Maramonte – The Zenith Passage
“These are the first profiles aimed at Rock and Metal players that not only sound amazing but really bring out the characteristics and dynamics in the amps in ways I have not heard before. Super usable mix ready fat presets and so many choices regarding channels, boosts, cabs and mics. The ultimate pack for the serious heavy player!”
Timo Somers – Delain