The Marked V Kemper Pack


101 Direct Amp Profiles
4 Cabs


Seeking to recreate the sound of the Mesa Boogie Mark V.

This pack contains 101 direct amp profiles and 4 Kemper cabs taken from our Killer Ir Packs.
You can combine all amp profiles with every cab or simply use one of the presets we’ve made.

All profiles and cabs were created with high-end studio gear and a professional audio production ear.
Giving you instant access to some of the best Mesa Boogie Mark V tones out there.

This pack contains clean, crunch, high gain and lead profiles.

Amp Used:

– Mesa Boogie Mark V

Cabinets and Speakers Used:

– Mesa Boogie Roadking
– Marshall 1960A V30

Pedals Used:

– Highwind Amplification Direwolf

Want even more tonal options!?
Check ‘The Free Ir Pack ’. This free pack has an additional 20 Kemper cabs!


Drums & Tones is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.