The Brutal Bass Pack




The Brutal Bass Pack features 15 captures of multiple bass amps & pedals giving your bass the aggression, growl, punch and Brutality it deserves.

Whether you are just jamming out or need mix ready bass tones, this pack covers it all!

All captures were carefully crafted with high-end studio gear and a professional audio production ear. Giving you instant access to some of the sickest bass tones out there.


Because we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to use the awesome tones from ‘The Brutal Bass Pack’ we’ve decided to create this pack for multiple digital platforms and devices.

Make sure you choose the right one!

Available for:

– NAM (Neural Amp Modeler)
– ToneHub

Amps/Pedals Used:

– Darkglass Alpha Omega
– Darkglass B7K
– Darkglass Vintage
– Sansamp Bass Driver
– Behringer BDI 21
– Mystery Amp

Want even more tonal options!?
Check ‘The Free Ir Pack ’. This free pack has an additional 5 Bass Cab Ir’s!

System Requirements:
Requires 25 MB free hard disc space.

The Brutal Bass Pack is available in three different formats, Tonex, Neural Amp Modeler and ToneHub. Be aware you need one of these programs or devices to run The Brutal Bass Pack.

Only available as download.

This pack is also available on the Tonenet/Tonex marketplace.

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Kemper, NAM, Tonehub, Tonex

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